Top SEO’s Giving Away Their Secrets


If you are looking to gain the inside track on blackhat SEO, then the conference videos from SEO Underground 2021 are right up your street.


Peter van der Graaf teaches you how to execute a wide range of blackhat tactics that bring excellent results. Peter’s examples demonstrate just how far you can take some of these techniques.

Mike Martin talks about how to make one of any SEO’s biggest SEO expenses into a massive profit centre for your business – by harnessing single niche PBN’s.

Fernando Raymond imparts some super-cool killer information on PBN’s that move the needle and make a great contribution to your bottom line.

James Gregory offers an insight into his fully-rounded approach to ranking any website – using everything from backlinks to social media.

Craig Campbell walks you through some of the best black hat tricks and give you the best mindset when it comes to blackhat SEO. Craig answers some questions from the audience during his live and unleashed Q&A session.

Adam Smith talks about how he harnesses SEO to build out his own affiliate websites and sites for investors. He also imparts informaiton on how he grew his business in less than a year.

Chris Palmer talks about some of his SEO tests and offers up insights into how to create and use GMB’s to get your local website to rank and how to use GMB entities.

BONUS The speakers spend time talking with the audience about their SEO questions and queries whilst offering insights and actionable ideas for SEO’s.

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