Peter van der Graaf

Blackhat Godfather


Peter van der Graaf has been active in the SEO industry for over 24 years. He’s well known for his innovative approaches to gaining a ranking advantage in all types of search results. While being a full-scope SEO expert, attracting the right signals of authority and popularity like in link building is his absolute speciality. He currently runs a clean SEO agency in Amsterdam, but his black hat skills are definitely renowned.
Between 2006 and 2012 Peter used to speak at all international SEO conferences, but then surprisingly vanished from that spotlight to go underground. We tracked him down so he can share his experiences in the darkest corners of SEO. Working with huge budgets for governments, lobby groups, multinationals and celebrities to actively change global opinions through search results, Peter could devise the darkest black hat tricks available. Peter will provide a glimpse into this hidden part of black hat SEO.

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