James Gregory

Backlink God


James is a 28-year-old performance white/grey hat SEO business consultant whose being doing SEO since 2012. James built AgencyBacklinks and is currently in the process of a merger with Searcharoo, a performance SEO white label solution. 

Prior to working with trusted partners like Searcharoo, James was actually building all the links myself. As he’s not a fan of managing huge teams of staff; He quickly realised his expertise was in consulting and overall strategy rather than the day-to-day link building and agency management.

James now spends all his days working on his own projects and clients such as huge global fashion brands to your traditional PR agency with 30 clients. 

James is very used to dealing with clients with mega monthly budgets and to work out what the best bang for buck for them will be – using analysis and historical data and of course all of the knowledge he’s amassed over the last decade.

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